“At my first Gratitude Roundup in 2011 I had great belly laughs, shed a few tears, and felt a tremendous sense of hope and inspiration for the future. I’ve been attending every year since and I’ve never been disappointed.”
— Doug M.
Photo credit: Dave D. 

Photo credit: Dave D. 

“I was a newcomer when I went to my first Roundup. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. But the moment I walked in the doors, I felt at home. I just wished I had gone the whole weekend, it was that good.”
— Michelle F.
“I attended my first Gratitude Roundup about 30 years ago. It was there that I saw about 1,000 AA members proving that the program works and I knew I would never be alone again.”
— Ted L.
“It wasn’t until I could relate to another person’s story that I was able to finally understand the depth of my alcoholism and in turn, find a solution. My sobriety has been greatly enhanced by listening to speakers like the ones at the Gratitude Roundups. Maybe, like myself, you’ll find that you’re not so different after all.”
— Kevin M.